Beauty & Wellness

  1. Eau De Parfum Volcano Spray Pen
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  1. Gold in Quartz Soap Rock
  1. Zodiac Body Veil Lotion
  1. Fire Opal Soap Rock
  1. Black Opal Soap Rock
  1. 1.75 oz. Eau De Parfum
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  1. Aquamarine Soap Rock

Beauty & Wellness - Lip Balms, Soaps, CB + Pura Diffuser & More

We all deserve a little R&R and our beauty and wellness collection is the perfect way to unwind and take care of yourself! Our Capri BLUE collection features everything you need for a relaxing night in from dry shampoo, lip balm, body scrub, hand lotion and so much more!

For the days when you need a little more help The Good Patch is here to help. A unique CBD brand that carry’s patches to help with staying calm, catching up on sleep, period pain and much more you’re sure to find a patch to help you. Our Well Kept screen wipes are great for cleaning phones, laptops, and sunglasses. Great to keep in your purse or the car.

Here at Mia Moda Boutique, we offer a wide variety of beauty and wellness items! Treat yourself to something to something relaxing next time you stop in, shop with us in-store and online! 

Shop our brands: Capri BLUE, Bitchstix, The Good Patch, Soap Rocks and many more!